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Do you have a question in the field of corporate law, employment law or notarial law? If so, we are here for you. DAAN’s drive is to apply our (legal) expertise in such a way that you can move forward.


Sometimes, you are faced with issues for which you do not (yet) need legal advice, but for which it would be wise to have a lawyer look over your shoulder, one who knows you and your situation well. In order to find solutions, or better still, to be one step ahead of potential problems. That is why we have DAAN Prelegal.

To DAAN prelegal

's expertise


David Bastings

Financial administrative assistant

Carine Nijman


Christian Gäbler

Lawyer | Insolvency practitioner

Lida Dolderman

Notarial secretary

DAAN is 100% employment law & corporate law

DAAN was started by experienced lawyers and civil-law notaries from various large firms. DAAN combines high-end expertise with no-nonsense advice and the personal contact of a deliberately ‘small’ office. In other words, the best of both worlds. For you and for us. Based in Arnhem and Nijmegen, our legal experts work for partners throughout the country.

DAAN works for…

DAAN works for organisations and companies in various sectors throughout the Netherlands. Our lawyers each have their own sectoral expertise, such as healthcare, education or the corporate sector. Quite diverse, but there is one thing our clients have in common: the need for a reliable legal partner who knows them in and out, who knows what is going on and who, on that basis, can advise them on the best way forward.

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